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Meaning of US Treasury Bonds (T-Bonds)? What is US Treasury Bonds (T-Bonds)? What does US Treasury Bonds (T-Bonds) mean? What does US Treasury Bonds (T-Bonds) acronym stands for? What is the definition of US Treasury Bonds (T-Bonds)?

A marketable, fixed-interest U.S. government debt security with a maturity of more than 10 years. US Treasury Bonds (T-Bonds) make interest payments semi-annually and the income that holders receive is only taxed at the federal level.

US Treasury Bonds (T-Bonds) Example:
US Treasury Bonds (T-Bonds) are issued with a minimum denomination of $1,000. The US Treasury Bonds (T-Bonds) are initially sold through auction in which the maximum purchase amount is $5 million if the bid is non-competitive or 35% of the offering if the bid is competitive. A competitive bid states the rate that the bidder is willing to accept; it will be accepted depending on how it compares to the set rate of the US Treasury Bond (T-Bond). A non-competitive bid ensures that the bidder will get the US Treasury Bond (T-Bond) but he or she will have to accept the set rate. After the auction, the US Treasury Bonds (T-Bonds) can be sold in the secondary market.

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