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Meaning of QE4? What is QE4? What does QE4 mean? What does QE4 acronym stands for? What is the definition of QE4?

QE4 stands for Quantitative Easing round/phase 4. But as of July 2011 nobody knows what exactly QE4 means nor if it will even be needed. Hell, nobody knows these facts even about QE3, let alone QE4. Who knows, maybe the economy will be in a such a great shape that QE4 won't be needed. Or maybe the economy will already be collapsing, US is defaulted and there will be nothing helpful to be done. Or maybe the politics (between Democrats and Republicans) will cause QE4, regardless of the actual meaning, not to be a viable option. Or maybe US Federal Reserve's chairman Ben Bernanke decide that QE4 is inefficient considering the current situation as a whole... Who knows, maybe there will even be QE5, QE6, QE7, QEX, etc...

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