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  • Difference between QE1, QE2, QE3, QE4?


    Related words: Quantitative Easing 1 (QE1), Quantitative Easing 2 (QE2), definition Quantitative Easing 3 (QE3) meaning (wiki QE3 definition), Quantitative Easing 4 (QE4), Quantitative Easing 5 (QE5), US Federal Reserve, Fed chairman Ben Bernanke, Treasury debt, banking crisis, USA, United States of America, currency, dollar, euro, money, China, Europe, EU, Eurozone, US Treasury Bills (T-Bills), US Treasury Bonds (T-Bonds), U.S. recession and depression, stock, bonds, jobs, statistics, inflation, depreciation, deflation, Barack Obama, unemployment rate, banks, credit rating agency, monetary system, import, export, loan, mortgage crisis, bailout, S&P, Standard & Poor, Moody, US credit rating downgrade, AAA to AA+, gold standard, silver, commodity prices

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  • wiki QEX definition, wiki QE1 definition, wiki QE2 definition, wiki QE3 definition, wiki QE4 definition, US Treasury Bills (T-Bills), US Treasury Bonds (T-Bonds).

  • On a side note. The word Pidarasy (rus. пидарасы) is a plural for a word "Pidaras" (rus. пидарас), which means "fag" in Russian language. It's a derogatory word, with the same type of meaning the word "fags" does in English language. This word can be used to describe homosexual, but is usually used to insult somebody who is behaving very badly, regardless of his (it's almost never used to insult a female) sexual orientation.

    There is even a Russian joke about it.
    - Did you know that Ivan is pidaras?
    - So he is homosexual?
    - No, he is pidaras in a bad meaning of the word! He owes me money.